Please tell us what Christmas in April has meant to you.


It has showed me how people are willing to help others by volunteering their time.


This is really a wonderful program, especially for seniors who can no longer do t he physical work needed due to the high cost of living at home plus medication.No finance is left for home repairs.This is the first free help I have ever had.THANKS!!!The House Captain, Mr. Aaron Lewis is a wonderful person and very professional in his work. Thank you so much for Mr. Lewis.


It meant a big dent has all filled in my pocket and getting some of the repair that was needed.


Christmas in April meant to us exactly what the name says because for God sent individuals to come together to repair and update our home without a cost to us.This is indeed a Christmas gift sent by God.My family and the both of us would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to the Christmas in April teams who worked on our house.God bless each of you!!


Great peace of mind.


A whole lot.My house is refreshed and I am feeling better.


Best thing since apple pie (smile)


This program is needed.They help those in need.I appreciate the help and will recommend it to others.It is a great program indeed. It made me feel so great to see others helping me and without pay.


Christmas in April blessed me so much.They did a beautiful job.I can not thank you for all they did for me.God blessed me with beautiful people and a nice Captain.I will say God bless all of you.Thank you, thank, you, thank you.


This program has meant the world to me because without the volunteers I never would have been able to afford the work or physically get it done.Thank you so much!!!


The process has been a truly blessed event.Thanks again to all!House Captain Ė Bruce was wonderful to work with and should be considered a great asset to this program.


People are wonderful.††


Itís been a 100% wonderful Christmas present.It meant my home was fixed which I would not have been able to afford.


It saved me money and made me proud to be a senior and feeling blessed.Thank you.


Without Christmas in April doing the work for me, Lord knows what I would have done.I want to thank everyone for all there help.


It has meant everything to me and my mother.We are disabled.Everything you do for us is a blessing because we cannot afford to pay to have all this work done.We thank Christmas in April from the bottom of our hearts.


It gave me a lot of satisfaction because I could not get to those things myself since my husband is ill.


It meant a whole lot to us even though it wasnít in December.I am glad it is in April.


Christmas in April has blessed me with wonderful people who are willing to help others.My life is a little bit brighter with the work they did on my house.


As a senior on limited fixed income, this program has been a God-send.I am very appreciative.Thanks so very much for this opportunity.


It meant very much indeed.Without it things could be much worst in this house.


I would not be able to get things done in my house where people help an older person.Since weíre older, we canít do the things we used to do.The group who came to my house were all young adults and they didnít expect pay.I didnít know there were so many good young people.Thanks.


Christmas in April was a lifesaver for me.Things I wanted to be done and was unable to do were done by Christmas in April.I really want to say how everyone was so friendly.It was like finding new friends.I know the Lord will truly bless them because he allowed them to bless me.Thanks a ďholeĒ bunch.


I am legally blind and I donít know what I would have done without their help.We had an enjoyable day and I now have new friends.


It meant the world to me especially at our age.


I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job.


I know what Christmas in April has done for others and for me.I am very disappointed because no effort appeared to be made for me.I had very little work done.


Christmas in April has made me very happy.My house looks like a home again.


It meant so much to me because I did not have funds to pay for services rendered by your group.Keep up the good work and may God bless.


A blessing to me and thanks to the whole team and Christmas in April for all the work they have done.


I appreciate all of the hard work that the wonderful volunteers rendered.The House looks great and there was so much work.Thanks to everyone.


Thanks to Mr. Aleshireís ability to plan and coordinate the work necessary to make me more independent.I can now enter my garage in my van instead of off the street at night.I now have access to my back yard.The shrubbery that covered the sidewalk prevented my wheelchair access to the yard.I am now able to shower more easily.Although I did not get the front load washer that was requested, I did receive other items that have made me much more independent.HATS OFF TO Mr. ALESHIRE for a job well done!!


My Christmas came in April.It served as a birthday and wedding anniversary present.


(They did) chores that I wasnít able to do.