Everyone has been so helpful and made a few suggestions to make things easier for me to maintain. I was physically and financially unable to do the wonderful. Work that these wonderful volunteers were able to do for me.




      It meant everything that you even cared enough to set up a program to help people that really need these things done. I thank you and God bless!!!


      If meant everything to me. I cant express how I feel.


      It has meant so much to me. I thank God for them. God bless Christmas in April.


      My cup truly has overflowed. The services, the love, the fellowship and accomplishments provided to me as a senior homeowner could never be fully paid for. I thank God and I thank members of Christmas in April for all of their time and services. I am grateful for being selected to receive such a blessing. Thanks very much.


      HUGE HELP! The volunteers completed tasks that would have taken us over a year to complete ourselves, plus the Ruff Rryders were a lot of fun to work with.


      It was a blessing for me.


      It is a fantastic organization!


      Christmas in April has helped me in a wonderful way and I appreciate everything that was done by this project.






      I was so completely satisfied.


      I first want to start off by saying, you are truly blessings! I cannot begin to tell you how you all have opened my heart to giving. My mother-in-law, Miss Reeves, is so thankful that she cannot believe it is the same home. She is still saying they did this all for me? All the time and effort that each one of you have shown is priceless. To take time from your busy lives to help make someones life a little easier is beyond words.


I was so impressed with the professionalism and the skills each person had to offer. Everyone was focused with a goal of making it all come together. I am truly thankful to each and every one that was able to make it all possible.


I went to work this morning with a smile on my face and could not stop talking about the wonderful folks that I was able to work with for a much needed cause. I am not just saying these things because it was for my mother-in-law, but because it all made a difference in someones life. You all should be commended for what was accomplished. I am sure that I was not the only one that walked away with a full heart. I understand why you all do what you do, year after year and the feeling that you all have once the work is completed. The joy that is in your heart, wow, you could never top that.


When I made the comment that I want to participate next year, look forward to seeing me again. I just wanted you and your team to know that no good deed ever goes unnoticed! Please give the praises and love to the team and a huge thank you.


      We cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance today. Words cannot express our gratitude. All of the volunteers were helpful, courteous and eager to assist. We have lived in our home for 32 years and raised 5 children here. With many memories have also come numerous items that are no longer of use but hopefully may be used by others. Thank you for your hard work and dedication with helping us clear out and make room now for our grandchildren to play and spend time here.


      Christmas in April is a blessing to someone my age (91). I am very appreciative of what has been done.


      It has been a blessing to have people care about others who are unable to keep their property up and the help of others makes you feel loved and cared for. Im very grateful and blessed to meet such a fine group of people who sacrifice their lives and talents to help others. Thank you.


      All the workers are extremely nice and so helpful. They have made my house feel more like a home.


      It is like the best time and day of my life. Everyone cares.


      Everything. It was a God send. Thank you all so much. Im still pinching myself.


      Its the best thing that ever happened to me and for the most part, it was wonderful, like hitting the lottery.


      It means a great deal to us and we are very pleased with the work that was done. Thank you.


      I was overwhelmed by the unity, friendship and the team working together as one. Ill never forget it. I thank God for the love that blessed this old man. Keep up the good work. May you and your crew be rewarded. I love you all.


      It was like a blessing. I have never been on the receiving end of anything announced as available to a resident with no charge. I am thankful. Services were truly needed which I would never have been able to afford.


      It means a helping hand. I think that things were done that needed doing (painting, landscaping, etc.) On a scale of 10, the volunteers were a 12!!!


      It means a great deal to me to have my property as clean and neat as the rest of the neighborhood. On the inside it is good to have all parts livable and my space back.


      It is a great help in the repairs and painting that greatly needed repairs.


      Christmas in April meant there truly are good people still out there that care to help those that support the community. I am very grateful for everything that was done at my home. My new kitchen floor is beautiful! To say thank you just isnt enough.


      Thank you for everything you have done for m during the time of my sickness with this Dysbnia. You guys brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thank you so much for everything.


      Im very happy about the repairs completed.


      I am an individual with an income far below the poverty level. In spite of the fact that I love my home and would like to keep it in reasonable condition, this would be completely impossivle were it not for the commitment, hard work, generosity and compassion of the Christmas in April foundation and its volunteers. God bless you for caring.


      I only had problems with my doors all four of them but only 2 were worked on. I know the situation and I thank you very much.


      Christmas in April has been a great blessing to me. I would never have been able to fix my home up. Thank you doesnt seem enough for the work that was done. Thank you for the gift of love that was granted to me. May God continue to send loving, and talented people to help others that need help with their homes.


      Your program has been wonderful and I am extremely grateful and very pleased and satisfied with the outcome.


      A positive experience. I needed minor things done before they became major. I am very satisfied.


      First I thank God to have you here today, to have beautiful weather and for the wonderful young adults from the different schools. They acted professional, polite and well mannered. Over all, everything was excellent. The P. G. Police were wonderful.


      I was so discouraged about everything before they came. Given help and hope, I should be able to keep going now on my own.


      Christmas in April to me is a blessing that I could not afford for me and my son.


      Life saver doing things Im unable to do with my health issues. Even if things are not pleasing to their eyes, they treated me with respect. Everyone was so respectful. They gave my home and myself that Spring Cleaning feeling. Many thanks.


      This program has given me pride in my home again. Not being embarrsed to invite family and friends to come in again. Thankful that God answers prayer. To see such multitalented people especially women in leadership positions and all the groups of people and companies do such a professional job with pride is amazing.


      Christmas in April has been a true blessing for my mother and me. We never imagined so many caring volunteers taking such gracious time out of their busy schedules to patiently take care of our home.


      Im so happy and appreciate all the volunteers, the visit from Steny Hoyer and all councilmen and all the sponsors. Thank you so much.