Many, many thanks to you, and your team for all the work done on our home. Words cannot describe our deep appreciation, and gratitude for helping us with a situation that for a very long time has appeared hopeless, and needless to say, very, very scary.

Although my mom had done very well for a long time, I realized a few years ago, that she was not doing well at all. She was unable to make the mortgage, and as a result, she rented to some very questionable people. I would come home for visits, and was shocked to see the individuals living in the house. I begged her not to rent to just anyone, but she insisted that it was her duty to provide needy people with a place to live. During my last visit in May of 2008, I realized she was in desperate need, and I needed to come back home immediately. Thankfully, God threw open many doors to allow my move to happen very fast. I alerted my employer to the fact I needed to return, and although the offices on the east coast had not hired in years, a job opened up immediately here, and on the same week I told my mom that I was coming home. I downsized my place, and was moved in by August of 2008. I decided that since she insisted on allowing nut cases to stay in that house, I would take the space so she could not rent it out. And, I had to move in as WDC is very expensive, so there was no way I could pay for a place for me to live, and her house. The first thing I did was get her mortgage current, and then just hoped a miracle would happen, as items in the house kept breaking down, emergency after emergency, and each emergency, more expensive than the one before. I started to think I had made a really bad decision in coming here, moving in, and keeping the house afloat. I was starting to think that I should have just let it go into foreclosure so that she would have to move back to New Jersey. We began arguing a lot about it. I could hardly keep up or concentrate on work or school with all the stress about the house. I was starting to think that I was going to have to move them into some temporary facility first, and, then get them moved to New Jersey somehow.

This situation has been beyond stressful, and horrible. I have done a lot of tent camping, hiking, and biking all over the country, across the country, so camping out in the house, with access to only a few appliances did not bother me. It was for my mom and I felt she deserved the house as all she used it for was to shelter homeless children, and it is good for everyone to learn to do without sometimes. But, as the house began to fall apart, and one emergency led to another, including a power outage that lasted for almost two weeks in the winter, and during which I had to work. It was crazy! I was really afraid that this situation was going to end very badly, and I did not even want to think of how that would be, as my money could not continue to cover everything that happened. Needless to say, what has happened is an absolute miracle. I was amazed at the time and care your team spent reviewing the household situation, and compiling a list of what needed to be done. And, when the work was done, it was far beyond anything we could have imagined. We were at the point where any work would have been appreciated. A nd, you virtually put the entire house back together, which is remarkable. I never thought I would see the day when we could just pay off that monster of a house and actually enjoy it too. Although I believed I made the right decision in the beginning, I was doubting that decision wholeheartedly coming up to this project. I was at my wits end, stressed about finances, about the household emergencies piling up, about the fact that I work such a long schedule I canít be around to do much of anything, and the fact that we caught flak from some neighbors about that yard. I got several quotes to clean up that yard and they were very $$$$$$. I begged my uncle to insist that my mom move back to her home in New Jersey, listed all my concerns, and his comment was that it was my turn to take care of her. I felt like the entire world was on my shoulders, everyone waiting for me to produce my own miracle. It was insane, to say the least. And, I was going insane just thinking about it. I could not get her to move, I could not get my uncle to talk with her, I could not afford to keep paying for emergencies, etc.

But, today feels like a brand new day, a huge relief, a major answer to prayer. I can walk in that house and relax. I donít have to worry about a fire, or the broken appliances and how we will pay for them. My mom can cook and bake, things she absolutely loves to do. I have wanted to teach Justin how to bake since I moved here, and now I can do it. He and I do a lot of projects together. I let him help me with my Biology labs, read to him a lot and try to find things for him to do, so he can learn. Now we can bake. ;-) And, now he has his bathroom back, and so does my mom. And, we have a washer and dryer. Thank you so much!!

For all you have done, thank you! And, thank your mom for me too. She is so precious, as our the other ladies. I was so relieved that they could help my mom get her room organized. She has had so many dogs living there, that my time limit is about 5-minutes before I have to get out of there, so I could not figure out how to get that done either. And, all the ladies are so nice. All the crew was nice. I had such a great time visiting with everyone!!!! Thank you!

I canít remember a time when I have met so many wonderful people, all at one time, and what an honor to have everyone in our home. Such a blessing!!!

The kitchen is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The wood cabinets are so pretty! Thanks for giving her wood, she LOVES it!!! The carpenters sure did a lot of thinking out of the box on that floor, and this is the very first time that the floor has seen such care and detail. Those guys took their time to ensure everything was in place, and that is such a blessing. Each time people replace that floor, they put that strip down the middle of it, and over time it always comes up. The last one came up a week or so ago, and I could hear my mom trip on it over and over. I was so afraid she would fall, but we could not get it to stick on the floor. I think Ronnie finally nailed it down again or something. But, to have a floor down without that strip is very, very much appreciated!!!!

I will never forget walking upstairs on Saturday morning, looking out, and seeing all the people, everywhere, spreading out and working to repair everything. I will never, never forget. And, it was at that moment, I breathed a huge sigh of relief because now I know everything is going to be okay, the very first time I have felt that since my arrival here. I felt like a gigantic burden had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much!!

We will all be able to sleep better at night. And, I can now focus on trying to finish school. I need to finish before my mom gets much older as I suspect she will at some point need care, and at that point, I will not be able to take classes, so I need to finish so that by the time she does require care, I am finished with school and on a different salary level as well to afford any care she will require.

And, thank you for taking time to check on my mom. I think it is precious that you got to show her how to use the washer and dryer. That is very sweet!! I often worry about her during the day because I am so far away, work such long hours, and sometimes I am out of town, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

And, I really, really appreciate you monitoring the churchís progress on this situation. I am so glad you and your uncle had a talk with them. Greatly appreciated.

What you have done for my mom is just beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!